A series of that old street photography cliché that of our feathered urban dwellers Columbidae aka Pigeons.  

Of the many prolific photographic cliché's like homeless people, graffiti, photos of pigeons are the ones I can tolerate the most.  I always try to be environmentally aware like avidly recycling, but also I try to reduce visual pollution, like cut down in what I produce by simply editing my shit from bad to mediocre status.  The biggest contributer to visual pollution besides post war urban planning is the internet.  It's like we can't stop polluting just as we throw waste packing constantly out, we are subconsciously stuck producing the same old cliché’s with smart phones to be uploaded and left like an open dumping ground for the whole world to see without any regard to the visual environment.   

Since so many people are polluting anyway here’s my contribution.  

Feeding Brids Stephens Green
New York
Pidgeons Paris
Seagulls not pigeons, but who cares.

Seagulls not pigeons, but who cares.

Cow and pidgeons
The End
Mcdonalds Kills


It's funny that the creatures which seem to be able to survive and thrive in cities, like cockroaches, pigeons, and rats we regard as vermin.  

What does this say about us humans and our environment?