Video about Gezi/Taksim Photos

Recently a  new digital media group owned by the Discovery channel called The Seeker Network, asked if they could do a short video about one of my images from the Taksim Square protest photos I made back in June 2013. 

I submitted a few photos and a 15 minute audio interview, I'm really happy with what they produced.  I don't know who did the narration but his voice is cool, much better then my horrible flat Dublin accent.  You can also view the video on Youtube here.  Or on the Seeker Network website with more information and text about the story. 

Although the Youtube comments are a journey into ignorance, I could not believe how stupid some of the feedback was.  I didn't bother engaging any of the negative feedback or emails I got from Pro AKP and Tayyip Erdoğan supporters, theres no point.  It's not like a short email exchange is going to change a lifetime of stupidity.  Still although at the time no papers bought the image, I'm glad it found new life with digital media.  It's also opened up ideas for the future about how to tell stories, that stills and audio can be a really powerful new tool.